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How to Form a Game Club by My Miniature Game
Game Clubs are fun but it may take a while and some work to get started.
You first will want to tell your friends and advertise your game club. A good way to advertising is to make fliers. Fliers will get the word out to people. Fliers should include dates for your game club and information about your game club. Setting game club dates can be hard sometimes. You may want to do your game club once a week or once every two weeks it is really up to you. On your first game club you are going to want to introduce every body and get a game started. When a new member joins your game club you will want to introduce him to every one else. Another way to make your game club really good is to have healthy snacks. You will want to keep every one up to date on dates for your game club and events for your game club. Visit my Game Blog for updates and other things.
Now, its time to play

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