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How to Get Started at My Miniature Game
Getting started can sometimes be difficult so here are some valuable tips.
First decide what game to play.There are a lot of games out there so make sure you check into some background information. For example, Lord of the Rings is a fantasy medieval game where Warhammer40K is a futuristic si-fi game. 
    Once you have found a game that you really like, it's time for you to start collecting. A good way to start is to find a "starter set", if you can. There is also the way of starting an army from scratch. If you chose to do an army from scratch, then you probably want to start with a Unit (usually a group of organized guys). You will then have to get the rule books. The nice thing about some "starter sets" is that they come with almost everything you need or everything you need to play. Miniature games are available in stores and online. There are tons of sets and tons of rules but once you get an army and the rules it's really fun. You can also visit our Game Blog for up dates and more.
Now,lets play.
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